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All Lessons at CSM

About Voice Lessons


Voice lessons at Concert School of Music offer a personalized journey into the world of singing, suitable for students of all ages and skill levels. Our expert instructors focus on breath control, pitch accuracy, vocal technique, and emotional expression across various musical genres, from classical opera to contemporary pop. We emphasize healthy vocal practices to ensure longevity and resilience in your singing career. Through warm-ups, vocal exercises, and repertoire selection, we foster a supportive and encouraging environment, enabling students to unlock their full vocal potential and express themselves through the power of music.

About Saxophone Lessons


Dive into the expressive world of the saxophone, an instrument synonymous with jazz, blues, and soul. Our saxophone lessons cater to all levels, focusing on tone development, technique, and improvisation skills. Whether you aspire to play smooth jazz lines or energize with blues solos, our experienced instructors tailor lessons to help you achieve your musical ambitions.

About Clarinet Lessons


Clarinet lessons at our studio explore the rich, warm sounds of this versatile woodwind instrument. Ideal for classical music, jazz, and more, our lessons are customized to each student's level and interests. Focusing on technique, articulation, and musicality, we guide students through solo and ensemble pieces, enhancing their performance skills and love for music.

About Flute Lessons


Flute lessons at Concert School of Music offer a journey into the elegant world of woodwind music. The flute’s joyful, relaxing tones are suited to classical compositions, jazz improvisations, and modern melodies. Our personalized lessons focus on breath control, tone production, and finger techniques, empowering students to create beautiful music while developing a deep appreciation for musical expression.

About Banjo Lessons


Banjo lessons at our school invite students into the heart of folk and country music, emphasizing the instrument's bright, percussive tones. Tailored to individual skill levels and musical goals, our lessons cover various styles, including clawhammer and bluegrass. Students will learn to pick and strum with clarity, bringing energy and rhythm to any musical gathering.

About Mandolin Lessons


Explore the vibrant sounds of the mandolin, an instrument cherished in folk, bluegrass, and classical music. Concert School of Music offers mandolin lessons that cater to enthusiasts eager to master its distinctive sound and rich melody. Our lessons will teach you precise picking techniques, chord structures, and the art of soloing.

About Ukulele Lessons


Ukulele lessons offer a joyful introduction to music with an instrument that's both accessible and fun. Known for its light, welcoming sound, the ukulele is perfect for music lovers of all ages. Our lessons cover everything from basic chords and strumming patterns to more advanced fingerpicking techniques, tailored to fit each student's pace and musical interests. Embrace the joy of music with our ukulele lessons.

About Bass Guitar Lessons

Bass Guitar

Dive into the groove with bass guitar lessons at Concert School of Music. The bass guitar is the backbone of a band, setting the rhythm and harmony. Our lessons are designed to teach you how to lay down solid bass lines across various genres, from funk and jazz to rock and pop. Instructors focus on technique, timing, and improvisation, ensuring you can hold the groove and complement any ensemble.

About Double Bass Lessons

Double Bass

Double bass lessons introduce students to the foundational instrument of orchestras and jazz groups alike. Our lessons emphasize proper posture, pizzicato, and bowing techniques, enabling students to master rhythm and harmony. If you aim to anchor a classical ensemble, our personalized instruction will help you achieve your musical goals.

About Piano Lessons


Piano lessons at Concert School of Music offer a comprehensive musical journey, perfect for both beginners and advanced musicians. The piano is a versatile instrument that lays a solid foundation in musical theory, technique, and expression. Our instructors tailor lessons to each student’s needs, focusing on various genres and styles. Whether you aim to play classical sonatas, jazz improvisations, contemporary pop songs, or just learning the basics, we create a nurturing environment to explore your musical potential and achieve your goals.

About Guitar Lessons


Guitar lessons at Concert School of Music open the world of music through the strings of one of the most popular and versatile instruments. Whether you’re drawn to the electric guitar’s power in rock and blues or the acoustic guitar’s warmth in folk and classical music, our expert instructors personalize each lesson. Students of all ages and skill levels will learn chord progression, strumming patterns, and solos in a supportive setting, empowering students to express themselves musically with confidence.

About Drum Lessons


Drums and percussion lessons at Concert School of Music are designed for students seeking rhythm and energy in their musical journey. Our lessons cover a wide range of techniques, from basic rhythms to complex patterns and fills, across various musical styles such as rock, jazz, pop, and more. Lessons are customized to match the skill level and interests of each student, focusing on hand technique, coordination, and timing. Instructors emphasize the development of a solid rhythmic foundation, enabling students to play with accuracy and creativity. Whether you’re looking to join a band, record tracks, or simply enjoy drumming, our lessons offer the tools you need to progress in your journey.

About Violin Lessons


Violin lessons at Concert School of Music encompass the depth and breadth of this stringed instrument’s capabilities, from classical to contemporary music. Our tailored approach focuses on posture, bowing techniques, and finger placement, ensuring students can convey emotion through their performances. Whether you’re starting on open strings or mastering complex concertos, we support your musical journey with expertise and encouragement.

About Viola Lessons


Viola lessons offer a unique opportunity to explore the rich, warm tones of this instrument, often considered the violin's deeper-voiced sibling. With a focus on technique, musicality, and repertoire development, our instructors guide students through the nuances of viola playing. From classical pieces to modern compositions, we provide personalized instruction to inspire and develop each student’s talents.

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